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Ethics Policy

Core Values

Five core values steer our work at IMD Alliance: accuracy, independence, collaboration, fairness, and transparency. It is the responsibility of every IMD Alliance employee to ensure that our work aligns with these principles.


We strive for accuracy in everything we publish, from factual details to nuanced interpretations. Our commitment to accuracy is unwavering, and we maintain high standards in reporting, editing, and writing. We acknowledge mistakes transparently, correct them promptly, and credit the authors of our content. Plagiarism is rigorously avoided, and intentional deception is strictly prohibited.

In practice, accuracy takes precedence over timeliness, and we maintain editorial control over content related to our events, teaching, or topics funded by grants. Relationships with external entities do not compromise our independence, and we refrain from accepting gifts that could influence our coverage or teaching.


Collaboration is integral to fulfilling IMD Alliance’s mission. We cultivate relationships in the journalism and technology community to enhance our knowledge and support for journalism and democracy. These relationships provide resources, expertise, and financial support. While maintaining editorial independence, we value the insights of our collaborators.

In practice, IMD Alliance collaborates with various organizations and individuals, seeking advice and resources to sustain our programs. Regular consultations with collaborators improve the quality of our teaching and content.


We strive for fairness by respecting individuals’ privacy, presenting diverse perspectives, and minimizing harm. Our guidelines serve as checks and balances against personal biases. We engage with subjects for comment, acknowledge relevant points of view, and provide accessible channels for challenges.


We illuminate our journalistic processes, explaining decision-making processes and disclosing relevant information. Transparency is maintained in various aspects, from ownership disclosures to training arrangements. Our goal is to provide readers with meaningful context to assess and judge the material we publish and teach.

In practice, transparency extends to business practices. We acknowledge our funding sources, whether from foundations, government grants, individual donations, or corporate sponsorships. Rigorous due diligence ensures that funding aligns with IMD Alliance’s values and mission. While granting privileges to funders, we uphold editorial independence.

Business Practices

IMD Alliance, as a nonprofit organization, accepts contributions from various sources. We prioritize teaching excellence, maintaining independence and control over our teaching, whether funded by tuition or external donors. Due diligence is conducted when considering support from specific entities to ensure alignment with our values.

Privileges granted to funders, such as logo placement and event attendance, are carefully managed to maintain editorial independence. Transparency is paramount, and participants are informed of the funders supporting each event. Any potential conflicts of interest are addressed transparently, and alternative arrangements are made for participants uncomfortable with travel or lodging support from funders.

Code of Conduct

IMD Alliance is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment. Our code of conduct outlines expectations for behavior at IMD Alliance-organized events and the consequences of unacceptable behavior. All attendees are expected to treat others with respect, and any form of harassment or discrimination is strictly prohibited.

Expected behavior includes respectful treatment for everyone, regardless of background. Unacceptable behavior may result in immediate expulsion from events. IMD Alliance reserves the right to determine what constitutes unacceptable behavior, with consequences ranging from warnings to expulsion without a refund.

Our commitment to these core values and principles ensures that IMD Alliance remains a trusted and ethical entity in the realms of journalism, education, and technology.