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REPORTERS: Original Reporting

IMD Alliance Magazine welcomes original reporting in various formats, including long-form features, quick dispatches, or reported essays. Articles can focus on local, national, or global issues, with the key requirement being the delivery of fresh and significant insights into American politics or policy for an informed national audience.

Submission Requirements: Please submit a 1-3 paragraph pitch outlining your current knowledge, the reporting plan going forward, your access and ability to execute the piece, and most importantly, a clear argument for why it matters to IMD Alliance’s readership. Avoid open-ended questions or vague curiosity about major issues. Do not send completed drafts without prior approval from IMD Alliance Magazine editors. Including links to your previous work is beneficial for evaluating the strength of your pitch.


Our goal is to offer readers original insights and surface new ideas on significant issues and trends in American politics and the global intersection of power and politics. Originality and newsworthiness are top priorities. We do not seek partisan takes or endorsements, and traditional op-eds expressing opinions or arguments on current debates are rarely published.

Submission Requirements: Submit a 1-3 paragraph pitch outlining the core of your argument, your expertise or relevant experience, and crucially, how your piece will break new ground. You may attach a completed draft if available.

General Guidelines:

  • IMD Alliance Magazine does not publish drafts sent by third parties or PR agencies.
  • Simultaneous submissions to other outlets are discouraged.
  • Authors must disclose any financial interests related to the topic upfront.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the dynamic and informed dialogue fostered by IMD Alliance Magazine. We value your commitment to providing our readership with original, insightful, and groundbreaking content.