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IMD Alliance Privacy and User Guidelines

At IMD Alliance, safeguarding your privacy is paramount. Our approach to collecting and utilizing personal information is guided by a commitment to transparency, security, and respect for user autonomy. This document outlines our practices and encourages responsible engagement within our digital spaces.

1. Personal Information Collection

IMD Alliance limits the collection of personal information to what is essential for identifying and communicating with our users, particularly regarding recommendations for teaching or other IMD Alliance resources. When an individual signs up for an IMD Alliance account, we collect basic information such as name and email address. Additionally, users have the option to provide additional details, including contact information, gender, date of birth, occupation, and interests.

2. Information Sharing

IMD Alliance does not share personal information with third parties. We utilize contact information from participants in our teaching and registered users to communicate about our work, including promotional emails for upcoming teaching events. Users have the freedom to opt out of such communications at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link provided at the bottom of the email.

3. Public Communication Spaces

Comments, posts, or information shared on forums, discussion threads, or other designated areas on IMD Alliance’s website or social media channels may be visible and downloadable by other users. We advise exercising discretion when posting information that could identify individuals. Information shared in discussion threads is considered public and does not carry an expectation of privacy.

4. User Conduct Guidelines

IMD Alliance encourages all participants in discussion threads, comments, emails, chats, or social media posts to maintain a tone of respect and constructiveness, refraining from personal attacks. We reserve the right to take appropriate measures should individuals repeatedly violate these guidelines, ensuring a positive and inclusive online environment.

5. Revision of Guidelines

Periodically, we review and may revise these guidelines to align with evolving needs and practices. Any modifications will be promptly posted, and our Privacy Policy will be distributed to users. By accessing the site after changes, users signify their agreement with the updated guidelines.